Welcome to Euro Tree Woodfuel / Delamere Woodfuel

Euro Tree Woodfuel / Delamere Woodfuel is the sister company of Euro Tree Service, a key player in tree management in the North West. Euro Tree Service is an approved contractor for the Arboricultural Association and has been in business since 1980. The same levels of professionalism and service that has attracted blue-chip clients, including Scottish Power, Forestry Commission, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and English Heritage, to Euro Tree Service will be delivered by Euro Tree Woodfuel / Delamere Woodfuel.

Our company was founded in response to a growing demand to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the long-term security of fuel supply in the North West.

Our wood fuel surveys showed us that the biggest concern for consumers was purchasing large volumes of wood fuel of poor quality (unseasoned or even green wood) and unreliability of supply.

We aim to ensure a local continuous high quality supply of wood fuel and have invested in purpose built storage facilities in Merseyside and Cheshire plus the mechanized equipment to process wood fuel on a large scale making the final product both reliable and cost effective.

Stacked logs onsite Stacked logs in storage Stacked logs in storage

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